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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging the informed and active participation of citizens in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.
Statement of Solidarity with Those Calling for Police Reform and Equality for All Americans The League of Women Voters Oakland Area stands in solidarity with those grieving the loss of George Floyd and condemn the horrendous circumstances of his death. We join the Minnesota League in "urging law enforcement officials to provide transparency during this investigation, and to seek justice for him, his family, and his community." Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion compels us to advocate for government and community reforms that seek to root out systemic racism. We commit to amplifying black voices and educating white allies to create an anti-racist organization. The League of Women Voter's mission is to expand the rights of all people to exercise their voting rights. This includes ending the disenfranchisement that disproportionately affects black people and demanding that elected officials be held responsible for policy choices that disproportionately target and destroy black people and families.
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